Choosing a New Pet

Getting a new Pet is fun and exciting but also a big decision that comes with plenty of responsibility. To help you identify if you're ready for a new pet and if so what the right one might be we've put together a quick checklist. Work your way through each of the questions and if you're still unsure our staff are always happy to talk through the options with you



1. Are you looking for a quiet pet to sit on your lap or an active pet to take for runs?

Different animals have very different built in behaviours that remain with them throughout their life. There are active cats, dogs & rabbits and sleepy ones too so the specific breed should always be considered. Choosing the type of pet often comes down to a few practical decisions:

  • Do you have a lot of time to exercise them

  • Do you have time to spend at home keeping them company

  • Do you have room for them to play, if its outside do you have suitable fencing to keep them safe

  • Is there a comfortable space for them to eat, sleep and go to the toilet that is warm & dry in winter & cool in summer.

  • Do you have any small children in the family or are you expecting any as their safety is always paramount

Breeders will generally have lots of information on the types of pets they provide and your Vet can always help too so be sure to do your homework before making a choice.

2. Do you have anyone in your home with possible allergies?

There are lots of low allergenic Pet breeds that are great for those with sensitivity issues. If you think the allergy may just be to one type of animal you can be tested prior to buying your new pet. A few low allergenic pet types to consider are:

  • Poodles & Poodle Crosses

  • Rex & Sphinx cats

  • Reptiles, Fish & most Birds

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