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9:30am - 11am 

11:30am - 1pm 

We run Puppy Pre School Classes every Tuesday morning on site at Belrose Veterinary Hospital with Veronica, Canine Concepts, and Amy from Amy's Puppy Preschool!
New classes start approximately every 2 weeks and include,



A huge part of the puppy preschool is teaching your puppy appropriate socialisation with both people and other puppies. Having a well mannered dog, that is a pleasure to own is the destination and the road to getting there starts in puppy school!


Obedience Training

You will be taught how to successfully train your puppy in basic obedience such as: recall, sit, drop and stay/place. Teaching your puppy to come when called is essential if you plan to enjoy the local dog parks & coastal beaches. Place/ stay is also a fantastic tool to ensure you can bring your puppy to lunch or coffee with friends and they are relaxed and content. You will also learn about how to make walking on the lead enjoyable for both you & your puppy!

Independence & Confidence

You will learn how to create positive experiences out in the world with your puppy in order to build its self-confidence. You will also learn techniques to gradually leave your puppy home alone and teach them independence and coping mechanisms for when you are not there. 


Puppy Training Philosophy

Always try to set your puppy up for success. Avoid failures. Our training technique is a combination of rewarding correct behaviour and blocking undesired behaviours from being successful or rewarding in any way.


Online Training Notes & Phone Advice

All of our Puppy Pre-school classes are backed up with training notes including toilet training and nipping and biting notes and also the course outline notes. The trainers also available on the phone for any additional advice needed. 


Started Puppy Pre School?
Help ensure your puppy gets the most from their classes with these online training resources!​


Build your puppy’s self-confidence and ability to cope with the world without needing you by his side at all times

Continue training of the sit exercise. Then start to add Come & Lay Down

Increase the difficulty of tasks like recall and start to ask new people to your home or strangers at the park to give commands to your Puppy

Stay consistent in your training and follow the training 'rules of thumb'

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